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Let's face it. Getting involved in any standard auction can be intimidating. Online auctions nowadays can be flat out scary. With identity theft, platforms that don't work with your phone, disorganized live auctions, why would you want to get involved at all?

We are bucking the trends and taking care of you. Our Primary Loyalty is always to our Sellers.

First let's talk about our top of the line auctions.

Our auctions are tightly run by some of the most organized staff out there. They are trained to go the extra mile for you. We know that your first or second auction may be a little overcoming. We will ensure that you will actually have a great time. Check out our Bidder Guide for more details on getting started.

If you're the computer or smart phone type, we have you covered too. Our platform, from bid to checkout, can be done on the go, on your phone. We've built our own platform based on your needs.

If you do have any questions before starting an auction with us, please contact us.


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Probate - Estate - Intellectual Property - Tax - Bankruptcy - Divorce

Find out how we can close your books faster than standard marketplace methods!

Online & Live Auction Venues

Online and Live Auction Venues

Diverse Auction Platforms allow us to deliver to you the best in Auction services.   Esdtate Tag, Online and Live Auction platforms deliver people who want your assets at the highest prices.

Estate & Consignment

Estates and Consignment

If you have questions about Estate Sales, Estate Tag Sales, or Consignments and what we offer, we have several different solutions for you.

Real Estate

Real Estate

We are becoming North Carolina's premier one stop shop for sales of Personal Property Estates and with our Partners, Real Estate.  Call us to learn how we can help you obtain your goals in less than 30 days!

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